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    About Us

    Sichuan tengzhong light technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as sichuan tengzhong light) since its inception, established in the field of optical fiber laser application and optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensing fields related products research, development, production and sales for the integration of service system. We have excellent technical team, they not only have rich optical, mechanical and electrical aspects of the professional theory knowledge, and have good practical operation ability, and has involved in large projects research and development, with strict quality consciousness and the professional spirit of innovation, good faith to provide you with better technical support and high-quality products.

    We are also committed to build for a global system of multi-channel cooperation, for the domestic important research institutions, research institutes, universities and enterprises to provide comprehensive products and technical support

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    山东大学 联通 中国海洋大学 西安交通大学 浙江大学

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